Honey Don’t

In Home and Entertaining, James Osborne, Myron Griffing by Lola Magazine

Everyone has heard of the “Honey-Do List,” right? Well, in keeping with my glass-half-empty (realistic) view of life, I am creating a “Honey-DON’T” version. This list is compiled of “issues” we see ALL THE TIME and it is our job to present clients with new, updated and fresh(er) ideas. These are in no particular order, but some do vex me more than others… so, here we go.


1. Allow children to pick the color of their rooms: This is KRAZEE! It’s like letting them pick out your outfit for an event or work… Heck, why stop there, let them choose your next car or home! Inevitably, they are going to choose the brightest, most abrasive tones like Barney-PURPLE, Shocking-PINK or Electric-BLUE. Instead, why not pre-select three muted, more palpable versions of these colors like: plums/lilac, dusty rose, navy/denim and present to them as their ONLY choices. They are still getting to choose which color they prefer and it can transition into adolescence. Also, try painting just the ceiling or an accent/focal wall in these colors mixed with white, taupe or cream.

2. Hang family portraits or kids’ photos in EVERY room! I am not anti-family, I have one of my own and they are perfectly fine; however, I don’t need toview my nephews whilst eating dinner or watching tv. Instead, designate a hallway or one wall to display your kinfolk. This will make them more special and can be viewed all at once vs. scattered about your home, like a small “family” gallery. If you display within shelving, mix them with other items and art.

3. Be afraid to MIX things up! We see this all the time with full “sets” of matching furniture; sofa, loveseats, coffee and end tables…ZZZ!! Instead, try mixing up your style. This adds interest and dimension to a space, it breaks the monotony and forces your eye around the room. Again, unifying elements such as patterns, colors and texture help pull this look together and make for a far more interesting space. It is perfectly ok to mix differing metals and woods together, I promise.

4. Paint every room in your home a single color. This is a “tired-and-needs-to-be-laid-to-rest’” idea that builders and homeowners have been doing for decades. It is thought this makes a home more appealing to ALL buyers! Well folks, all homes are not created equally. A buyer for a $750,000+ home in Pierremont or Southern Trace should expect to see more than a monochromatic palette. White is an exception to this rule. At this price point, these homes should be designed by a professional to make them special, not run-of-the-mill. I’m not saying paint every room in your home a completely different color. You can use coordinating colors instead (try to stay away from overly bright hues.) There needs to be a unifying element connecting each room; i.e., the same color molding, to pull off this look. Each room needs to “speak” to the adjacent space

I realize most people don’t have the same aesthetic eye as designers (thank the sweet Lord), and trust me folks, you don’t want ME doing your taxes or defending you in court. These tips/pointers are a for everyone out there wanting to spruce up their homes but don’t necessarily have the means to hire a designer.Don’t fall into the mundane trappings of sameness. Be an individual, be bold and “Honey-Do” whatever makes you comfortable and happy.

Matte black finishes on plumbing fixtures • Custom-sized rugs to fit your individual space
Wallpaper in unexpected places (ceilings, accent walls, alcoves, backside of shelves) Concrete tables and accent furniture • Boldly hued or patterned sofas